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The Shabby Shack

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    Stephen Andrew Humphries
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    Garden - Dorset
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Lovingly known as 'The Shabby Shack' , this shed is also comically known as 'The Sh*tty Shed' due to its humble beginnings of a rotten shed simply donated to be a temporary garden shed. The name was given due to its condition when it was constructed and how it was adapted internally by the owner, who did all the work himself.

What started as a rotten shed, the original prototype bar shed was only expected to last 6 months, but it has now survived circa 5 years and has been, and continues to be an intimate private venue / watering hole for Hen Nights, Stag Do's, Birthday Parties, Quiz Nights, Christmas, Halloween, Royal Weddings, Wimbledon, World Cup, European Championships and a forthcoming Bullseye Themed evening.


A real community hub for neighbours and friends alike, so many happy memories have been created here.

Although the not the prettiest or newest of sheds, I would hazard a guess that it is the one with the best atmosphere and memories both past and future.

Its a place to escape on a hot sunny day and put on the tv, radio or just relax and watch the world go by.


The Shabby Shack Bar even has its dedicated Instagram account where regulars can follow the shack on social media as well as be informed of upcoming events etc.

Instagram: @shabbyshackbar


The owner has also had several meetings in the shed, both in person and via zoom as it offers an intimate venue as well as an instant talking point.


The Shabby Shack is also host to a current regular DJ Twitch Stream as provides the perfect backdrop.

Twitch User: liverandbacon

Other info

The Shabby Shack is literally on its last legs structurally, every time my daughter plays football in the garden, I fear it hitting the shack as it A) takes the paint off and B) often chunks of rotten wood come off at the same time!!

Internally the bar was constructed of pallet wood with a shiny bar top which used to belong to a reception desk at a former hotel.


10ft x 8ft Apex Shed (make unknown)

The annual or bi-annual repair works uses the paint to fill up the woodworm and holes left from drawing pins for the balloons and decorations from previous events. Most of its contents are recycled in some way, whether that is the wood or the bar equipment.

Heated by a single oscillating blow heater, it doesn't take long to heat the shed, although there is plenty of ventilation through the cracks in the slats. We have been in the shed during all weathers, snow, storms & sun etc and it is yet to leak and is still standing!!! (famous last words!!).

Lit by numerous LED strip lights, a glitterball, candles and some £1 LED lights, it provides an ambient setting to every occasion.

The majority of the internal features such as optics, signs, glasses, bar top, bar equipment have all arrived from old hotels & pubs meaning it has a real pub vibe and authenticity.

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