Front Door of shed - Mega Shed, Cheshire Rear Window of shed - Mega Shed, Cheshire Side from footpath of shed - Mega Shed, Cheshire Interior wiring of shed - Mega Shed, Cheshire Interior Moving In Day of shed - Mega Shed, Cheshire CAD model of shed in Fusion 360 of shed - Mega Shed, Cheshire Floor plan from F360 of shed - Mega Shed, Cheshire
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Mega Shed

  • Sheddie:

    Michael Van Gordon
  • Location:

    Behind the garage - Cheshire
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    Shed Features

    Although originally intended to replace the old garden shed, and become a bit of overflow storage from the garage, things changed. The Mega Shed, was named because it is the absolute maximum that will fit on the site, and the biggest single wooden structure I've built, to date. And it's far more than a replacement garden shed. With so much insulation and a really good seal, it requires very little heating to keep warm, so it has become my go to place to be. From working on personal and business projects, to simply escaping the children for a few hours for a Teams meeting of an unspecified duration. Perhaps most remarkably the shed was assembled and usable within a month, with the whole lot being written up on my blog

    Other Shed info

    Designed and hand-built by my own fair hands. The biggest challenge of the site was that it was triangular. Ever tried to build a semi-triangular shed? No, nor had I, but it turned out alright in the end.

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