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It's a Carsare by Dunster House. It's 3.5m X 2.5m Double Glazed Model Workshop Cabin with electrics/lights/heating/laminate floor Shelving/ desking/seating/paint booth. It's 12 Months old. I'ts special because I've always needed space for my modeling projects and now I have it! We looked at building a extra room on the back of the garage but because we ahve a split level house on sloping ground it would have cost £40k, this with removal of trees lining the garden, fencing and a deck cost just 10% of the original cost!

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At delivery my wife and I took just two hours to put up all four walls (log cabin)and a similar time for roofing glazing and painting with oil based stain. Tounged & grooved floor& roof,insulation under both floor and on roof and black tar shingles, guttering, down pipes and water butts. Inside a consumer unit for the electrics.

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