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    This shed is Shed of the year 2011

    I record acoustic sessions in the shed, what started as a hobby has become a full time obsession.

    As far as we can tell the shed was formerly a First World War billet hut. The house that the shed belongs to was built for heroes returning from the war so they could have a smallholding with income. We are lead to believe that during the construction of the house prisoners of war lived in the shed whilst they built the house.

    In mid June the shed is going through extensive repairs as it has been infested with wood worm. All outer cladding will be removed and the frame sprayed and repaired the new cladding and doors fitted.

    We have many acts booked in to play the shed from household names to unknown/unsigned artists and we are working hard to find quality acts across all genres. The shed featured on BBC Inside Out the video can be seen here http://youtu.be/rIA5eeJ3fIo

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    The shed was originally a world war one billet.

    Thank you Sheddies

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