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The Mushroom Shed

  • Sheddie:

    Ben Swanborough
  • Location:

    Garden - Surrey
  • First entered:

  • Cost of shedbuild:

    More than £1000


This is #shedoftheyear 2017

My 12yr old daughter handed me £500 pounds and asked me to build her a house in the shape of a mushroom. I got a bit carried away! Downstairs in the stem will be a small desk area and steps up to the top of the mushroom. Once through the trap door, you enter a living area. This has some stained glass windows, and a glass floor section looking down to the river below. There will be another door, which leads onto a small exterior platform and more steps down to the garden. There is also a window in the roof. Most of the wood used is red western cedar, inc. cedar shingles on the roof. We plan to use space saving ideas inside for furniture, and there will be a bed and tv as well as a fridge. Inside she wants it to be vintage, with some industrial lighting. The brickwork below has a small 'deathly hallows' design outside the front door due to her love of Harry Potter. She also has circular hammock chair that we plan to suspend from the oak beams on the side.

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