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Love Shack

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    Martin Newman
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    Rear Garden L/pool - Merseyside
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Love shack is our little Alpine retreat as it takes us to another world, tea and coffe are often taken here especially at weekends and after a long day at work as it helps us to relax and wind down this also includes red wine and rose in the evenings along with good food especially BBQs When the night draws in we light all the candles in the lanterns and stoke up the wood burning fire as this takes the chill out of the air and creates a glowing warm inviting atmosphere complemented with more good wine and food. Everyone loves our Love Shack and friends just want to stay and talk and watch the fire and the record is 4.30pm to 7.30 am with only toilet breaks

Other info

Love Shack set out to be a small cover for our twin love seat as our two love doves in our two alpine trees double dropped onto our double seat. Unfortunatally or fortunatally I got a bit carried away in fact it took myself and my father 3-months one summer to build it. It is constructed from treated pine weather boards to evoke an alpine lodge effect to remind us of the 20 different sick and disabled children we take away every year on a skiing holiday to Italy with our voluntary charity Katies Ski Tracks .org and also to remind us of those youngsters that have lost their fight for life. The whole structure is double skinned to give a pleasing effect to neigbours as well as ourselves The Love shack is built into the trees at the bottom of our small garden. in fact not to spoil the effect of the trees we have branches going through the roof which is constructed of 15 ml water resistant ply, then sealed and an adhesive felt applied. We have put in some leaded double glazed windows minus the frames for a nice effect and adournesd it with lots of bottles and jars and alpine ski effects. It has a patio circular stone floor and of course the wood burning stove and finished with trailing plants bringing the mountains not to mohamed but to ourselves in Liverpool

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