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Mr Farrs' Supershed

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One of the main aims was to use as much recycled material as possible. For several reasons, it saves money, reduces waste and was also a nice way to include friends into the process.

Friends donated lots of materials including, old floorboards, sofas, skirting, about ten fence panels of ship lap for the exterior sides and back. The front door, set of draws and of course free labor !

The shed sits on 16 4x4 treated posts, set in the ground like stilts. There is some clearance from the ground, mainly to stop rats making it home !

The frame was made from treated 2x2, and then covered with OSB2. This was the main cost as I had to buy this new.

Once I had created what was just a giant box I then started covering it with ship lap etc.

The roof caused a few problems. I wanted a high roof but this would make it too high so I went for a flat roof. Galvanized steel is not the prettiest material but it is hard wearing and light. This allows a good span to be covered.

I used a blue gloss paint for the front and normal fence paint for the sides and back, which were painted brown to help it blend in, with the neighbours fencing.

Supershed has reclaimed Victorian skirting boards, floor boards and picture rails.

There are also 8 1930's stained glass windows that have been stuck together with lots of glue to make the main windows.

The walls are decorated with a growing collection of horrible pictures from charity shops and bins.

Other info

This shed was built with no real plans other than a five minute sketch. I should have measured things first.

The project involved help from many friends and it would not have been possible all on my own. So THANK YOU.

Thank you Sheddies

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