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Hidey Hole

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The shed is constructed from reclaimed hardwood pallets, built by hand with only a sketch of a plan over a number of weeks. This is my first attempt at building a shed and I loved every minute of it, flying by the seat of my pants and learning as we go - isn't that the best way? The shed now provides a refuge from the frenetic stumbling about that seems to be modern life - there's no rushing about in the hidey hole. Thanks for looking, and if I can do it...well, there's hope for all of us.

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Built on a pallet base, the shed measures approx 8ft x 6ft. The construction itself is quite unorthodox but built in such a way the the walls and floors all tie in more than securely. the roof is a single pitch dropping 12 inches over it's span. The roof is corrugated bitumen. The floor is 22mm chipboard, half of the frame is FSC 3'x2' softwood and the remaining materials are reclaimed or recycled.

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