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My Husband, Mark, built me the shed as I had no quiet space indoors to work in peace anymore. I had worked in the spare room, the dining room, bedroom and the kitchen. Now I have my own wonderful light, warm, tidy office with two desks, filing cupboard, shelving and pictures and things to make it home - including the dog sometimes. Outside I have painted it Cuprinol seabreeze and cream, Mark has laid decking complete with ropes and plant stands, my son, Oli, has provided shrubs and flowers.

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We bought the shed as a kit, which arrived on the driveway early one morning. My family and neighbour, John, then spent the day with me carrying it to the back garden where we built it that day. Mark, and stepson, Matthew, finished the roof and then the floor and insulation was fitted, followed by laminate wood flooring on top of yet more insulation. Electric and water was installed.

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