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Bug Inn

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The idea for my shed was originally conceived as a small, cost-effective, simple garden retreat to entertain friends and family and enjoy BBQs and long summer evenings. (It also made good use of a useless space at the bottom of the garden lacking in sunlight, and at the bottom of a 7 foot drop). 2 years after its inception, the 'Bug Inn' was finally completed - months overdue and on a slightly bigger scale that what I had first envisaged (thank you very much for your inspiration Readersheds...I say sarcastically!).

The 'Bug Inn' has become a fully functional garden pub, with features including: Customised bar area and bench seating (with storage), heating and spotlighting, WIFI broadband, Bluetooth audio connectivity, surround sound system, Sky TV

But perhaps of more interest is the theme for the 'Bug Inn' - which stems from my Fiancee's love of all things VW. My pub therefore houses her collection of over 250 VW-themed collectables (ranging from model cars, pictures, parts and other collectables).

Well, it was either putting these items in the pub, or having them in the house!

Ive never done DIY on this scale before, and have no professional carpentry skills. This might be why it took a while to complete. There was many a long night spent down the bottom of the garden trying to fit bits of wood together with glue, nails and screws (and with the little help of some friends who lent a hand and provided some specialist tools).

I very much hope you like viewing the photos of the Bug Inn...the original and best garden v-Dub Pub!

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As I said, this is the first time Ive ever done something on this scale before, so I cant really give a lot of advice. Choosing a sturdy shed for me was the best option, since I did not have to worry about heat loss during the cold months (and therefore able to get more use out of it). Using LED spotlights, oil heaters and energy efficient appliances keeps the electric bills down. I must have gone through a pallet load of No More Nails' - this is an excellent and versatile product. Buying wood and materials from a wood merchant is much more cost effective than the local DIY chain - I think I learned the hard way.

Above all, have fun - make it up as you go along and you will soon reap the results.

Thank you Sheddies

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