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The Teapot

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The teapot is a large two-storey shed located near Melrose in the Scottish Borders. It is 21ft in diameter and built as a drying shed for timber on the ground level with a summer house sited above on the upper level accessed by steps through the handle. A concealed gangway door in the spout provides access to the lower level.

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The design and construction makes extensive use of reclaimed materials. The main ground level structure is built on a ring of twelve recycled telegraph poles with an additional central pole extending up the full height of the teapot. The domed shape comes about by the use of old poly-tunnel tubing for the framework of the teapot on the upper level. A hub at the top of the central telegraph pole is used to bring all the tubing together. Curved cuts of timber sourced from a nearby mill have been secured to the poles and tubing to create a fully cladded exterior. The lid of the teapot, topped with an old fishing buoy, can be opened and shut by winding a reworked old hand drill creating a special open-air experience for those summer nights in the woods.

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