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The Love Shack

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This shed is what I'd call an 'organic' build, ie; it wasn't designed on paper, it literally grew from the ground up and was made firstly out of the trees cut from the space it stands in, old pallets and old wooden crates we found in the loft of the garage. My wife calls it 'The Love Shack' because it has heart shaped windows. I made it mainly so I could move all her gardening tools out of my man cave and she'd have somewhere to pot plants and sit and read. Most importantly for me, the shed had to look like it blends in with the landscape it sits within. I made a sink from the dogs old water bowl and there are underground pipes connected to an irrigation system in the greenhouse so you can just connect up the system you want to use, turn the tap and watch through the window to check everything's working. There's a skylight made from a discarded double glazing unit which my local glazier gave me. You can open it right up and get out on the roof in the Summer.

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The only purchased items were the decking floor, some OSB for the roof, roofing felt, paint, sealant and some perspex for the windows which I got for a fiver in Homebase. I made the facia boards from left over OSB and they're loosely based on those of a Victorian railway shed. The build spanned about six weeks just over a year ago so I missed entry for last year's competition.

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