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The Cob House

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    Joanne hammond
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    Garden - Essex
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    More than £1000


My shed is a great escape and is used by myself and friends for a drumming circle. The grand children also like to play in there and tell stories.

Other info

I am 48 years old (female) and challenged myself to build a cob house in my garden after being inspired by your program. I designed the house myself, laid out the markings and got set on digging the foundations. A perforated pipe and sump was added and then I started building the footings with York stone. I reclaimed stained glass windows, reused sleepers from the garden and started to cob around them. The cob was made from the soil dug out of the foundations. I was able to complete the foundations in the first summer, only using hand tools, built the cob walls during the second summer and completed the living roof on the third and final year. The cob has been rendered with lime and created my own green man relief. Inside there is a wood burning stove, and wall decorations. The door was also recycled and the I personally hand carved the green man door knocker and Rose handle at wood carving class. The cob house also has a recycled green bottles to add some additional feature and light. The floor is also made of cob with wood inserts (each with a hand drawn picture by the five grandchildren and finally wood burnt to capture. The shelf to the left of the chimney was also made from a recycled pallet and the fire place supporting plinth was a reclaimed Kurb stone from my drive repairs. Everything was a first for me...including the brick laying on the chimney breast and fitting flu and burner. I utilised YouTube and a few cob books in order to complete my build.....very proud of my achievements.

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