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    It is a calm reflective space, that meets all my bespoke requirements. It is fully insulated, so warm all year round, has plenty of light which I wanted. I can have a go at different projects like sign making, wood carving, and I hope to try stain glass window making. Most importantly it is a mindful space where I can creatively contemplate, be at peace either making things, reading or just watch the birds, listen to the rain, outside in nature.... yet inside. It doubles up as a summer house and also a place to invite friends over for afternoon tea and a bit of Irish music. This project has been so fulfilling, a real passion of channeling my creativity, and a focus during lockdown.

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    Having never attempted anything like this before it was a real challenge. Something I felt passionate about and loved every minute. I watched hours of online DIY videos to learn what I needed to do. As a complete novice I had to learn how the different tools worked so the whole processes was very exciting. I'm still in shock when I see it, and can't believe I built it all by myself!!

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