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The Stagger Inn

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It has been a saving grace with the current climate

Can be used to go and watch the TV, play on the computer out the way, bring the out, out, in feeling to your very home.

Amazing quality family time which we would never have had if it wasn't for lockdown.

Karaoke nights, pub style meals. Even a sofa bed if you struggle the garden path to get home.

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My husband made it from scratch from 4 free posts given and has spent a lot of hard graft and many many hours work!

Hes definitely shown me after 20+ years with all the home improvements been moved to 'I'll do it tomorrow' DIY disaster to actually pulling it off and done a cracking job!

Everything has been made with his own bare hands and minimum cost.

From chilling out, game of darts, making weekends count that extra special reward after a hard week working full time.

The amount of free pallets is not worth counting as you how many he used.

We feel very fortunate to have this amazing asset and has helped immensely with out family at desperate times and we all feel grateful.

Thank you Sheddies

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