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The Duck And Wolverine

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    The only shed made from scaffolding and wood with a living roof that extends to form a canopy over a seating area, also made from upcycled scaffold boards. It is a hipster shed, with built-in speakers and a film projector, festoon lights and a ladder for the cat.

    It has a reclaimed Edwardian front door, in keeping with the rest of the house. The stained glass is round, which combined with the wildflowers growing on the roof make it feel a bit like a hobbit house.

    Inside it's more like a shed, but does include a fridge full of craft beer and a wifi mesh network extender to allow for working on spreadsheets under the canopy.

    Other info

    We're not sure that scaffolding holding up a living roof has been done before. It was built during lockdown by a social enterprise run by our next door neighbour.

    Father Nature is a landscape gardening and horticultural organisation with soul. They were excellent and super cheery during the build, even during the worst of rainy December.

    The community effort continued with the building of the wall behind by another neighbour on our street.

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