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    £250 to £499


What makes it special is that:

1) It fits into a very awkward area of the garden where something 'off-the-shelf' wouldn't have fitted... it makes the most of the space available to it.

2) It is hidden from view from the house.

3). It has released a prime piece of real-estate/ garden space previously occupied by another shed.

4). I built it all myself (with some help from my sons!!).

5). Perhaps most importantly.... I have managed to predominantly use a variety of recycled materials which would otherwise have been disposed of, these include; All cladding is recycled....a roller shutter garage door, cladding from recently demolished shed and reclaimed decking; French doors to the front providing access and light; recycled flag stones for pad foundations; reclaimed timber throughout for the stud work; for privacy to the glazing, I used a roll of destinations which would be used on the front of a subway train in Chicago (I found it rolling around on a subway train there once!!). Electrics have also been incorporated into the shed... diverted from the (donor) shed I knocked down.

People cannot stay in it.

It is not for work purposes, mainly hobby use (bikes) and storage.

Thanks for looking and thanks for your efforts.

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