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She Shed

  • Sheddie:

    Joyce Lee
  • Location:

    Garden - Surrey
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £150 to £249


I have made my shed a relaxation area . I collaged the ceiling in lockdown with images from the Sistine Chapel. I also learnt to use a drill and saw in lockdown and made the little foldown table. The shed is also made from recycled wood. I painted the beams gold and black inside my shed. All the fittings and ornaments were sourced from charity shops, boot sales or made. There is nothing new.

Other info

The name of the shed was an error but has now stuck. My daughter wanted to make me a sign as a gift and she asked her dad what I called it and he said a She Shed . It was a surprise and nobody had asked me. It would have been Dante’s. My youngest daughter did say did dad say Shed with a stutter; which makes me laugh every time I look at sign !

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