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Avalon was my vision for many years. I intended to create a space filled with nostalgia, artistic inspiration, happy memories and creative thoughts. It’s a place that’s a few footsteps up the garden path that takes you to another world. It’s a relaxing space on a summers night surrounded by things of intrigue and wonder. An art studio and crafting space on a cold and wet winters day or night. A play space for my grandchildren, the hub of family get togethers, an office space where I research family history, a music venue where vinyl records live and thrive alongside cassette tapes. It’s a museum and art gallery, a treasure trove, a place to work, play and dream. I could go on. However, more than anything its a happy place.

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The visual contents of Avalon reflect many family memories. Ranging from my dads pre war train to my sons football figures 1990’s. My 4 year old grandson loves adding his toys to the collection. There are my wife’s records from 1970s, an array of art books and of course several 100 tubes of artists paints. Every time you enter Avalon its designed so you see something different, an item you may never have noticed before, evoking memories and emotions.

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