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The Sh&t Pit

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hi i aquired this with my house its leaking badly so covered it with a blue sheet which can be seen on google earth!it served its purpose till we got settled in and then i built a new one next to it.

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built the new shed on 13x8 8" base with 4x2 frame work and mainly tongue and groove with my old patio door as my new shed door, brilliant.saved a bit of wood.its got a proper felted roof (4 layers) so should last ages.Electrics by means of armoured cable directly from house consumer unit to the sheds own consumer unit all with earth trip so its 100% safe.shed is used for shed stuff like lawn mower/seat cushions and junk that she does not want in the house (me included sometimes!)I also built my sons den which is on here as "the end" which is a bit more user friendly ie sky pool darts stereo and a lot further away from her in doors and a link to it is s/share.cfm?SHARESHED=810 thanks for visiting have now built an extension on to the end of my shed to keep my sons moped out of the weather,hope he does not buy a boat next!

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