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Just My Shed

My shed began as an ordinary shiplap shed, purchased for little money from a company who recycled large packing cases. Erected on a purpose laid concrete base, fitted out with power and light, and a potting bench which used to be the vault door from the Wagon and Horses pub in Bolton, all was very nice. A perfect home for all my many garden tools, barbie, etc. Then, unbeknown to me, my wife (ex) built soil up all around the sides, to improve her flower beds. This cut off all ventilation under the floor, which quietly rotted away. Two years ago, I entered the shed, and fell through. The floor was so well rotted that after relocating all the contents to my greenhouse (glass shed), I was able to remove the remains using a spade and bucket. Now here's the thing, The first part of a shed to be laid is the floor. The walls are then nailed on top. So, with the floor removed just what was holding the shed up. It should have fallen down, but it didn't. It just stood there. So what i did was to get some heavy duty, 3" diameter piping and made a frame to slide into the gap under the walls. Then fill this with another layer of hand mixed concrete, up to the top of the bottom frame. This now holds the shed up - and down at the same time. A couple of coats of floor paint, fresh roof felt and new barge boards and finials later, and it's once more a happy shed.

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there object to the misuse of the phrase 'Shed load' by the media's transport reporters? Whenever I hear that the M something is closed because of a shed load, I always want to ask, 'A shed load of what?' And, just what is a shed doing on the motorway, anyway? OK, I guess it's just me then!


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