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Welcome to Home of Shed of the year - as seen on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces

The winner of Shed of the year 2014 is The allotment roofed shed

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Dun 25 - Jim Sherrit - In a farmers field on the outskirts of edzell
Jim Sherrit
'The Magic Hut' - Nicholas Courtney - garden
Nicholas Courtney
Shane Rothery
The Broken Oar - Jack Hogan -  New York USA
Jack Hogan
ShipWreck's Deck - David Britt - Back yard
David Britt
Tiki bar  - kevin Pearson  - behind garage
kevin Pearson
doris - steve marples /gina biddick - garden field
steve marples /gina biddick
TREVI￑O'S CANTI￑A - David TREVI￑O - Backyard
No shed picture Yet
karen gardner
No shed picture Yet
Lisa tolbert
Mill cave  - Gavin millard - North Wales
Gavin millard
The GarBar - John Garbarino - detached garage in backyard
John Garbarino
No shed picture Yet
Thomas Benner
tiki headz workshop  - andrew bebbington - back garden in cheshire
andrew bebbington
Buckets and Spades - Kathryn Kobryn - Garden
Kathryn Kobryn
Into the TARDIS - Sean Clarke - Garden
Sean Clarke
No shed picture Yet
Nick Wakeling
JuJu - robin wood - east lothian
robin wood
O'Smithers Pub. - Douglas St. George Smith - In my garden
Douglas St. George Smith
Halcyon Days - David Channell - Garden
David Channell
Studio Shed - Harpreet Lota - back garden
Harpreet Lota
The Witney Wonder - Rupert Mayhew - Garden
Rupert Mayhew
camp fire hut - Ian Killner - Back Garden
Ian Killner
The Oakley Arms - Dean Oakley - Rear Garden
Dean Oakley
Paul's Sanctuary  - Paul Tuckfield - Garden
Paul Tuckfield
The Moody Cow - Michael Dodd - Garden
Michael Dodd
WillBeech Station - Rob Williams - Back garden
Rob Williams
Old Yolks Home - Rachel Haynes - Back garden
Rachel Haynes
The Oakley Arms - Dean Oakley - Garden
Dean Oakley
len's hut - Phil Russell - field
Phil Russell
the pallet shed - Peter Middleton - in back garden
Peter Middleton
The Talliston Cabin - John Trevillian - Garden
John Trevillian
The Red Shed - Steve Nutt - Garden
Steve Nutt
Wimpy - Bill Roberts - Garden
Bill Roberts
THE WHEELHOUSE  - Mark Springhall  - Garden
Mark Springhall
Mona's Bar - Simone & David Massam  - Garden
Simone & David Massam
Ram Shack - Glenn Parkes - Back Garden
Glenn Parkes
The Snug - Jan Watts - The Snug is in our garden. Part of the Parky Thing (named that by Amy, one of our 9 grandchildren)
Jan Watts
The Dog House  - Chris Percival - The Back garden
Chris Percival
Bobbin Cottage - Nicky Burke - Garden
Nicky Burke
Goring Folly - Timothy Blewitt - Garden
Timothy Blewitt
The Hobbit House - Sean Marsden - Garden
Sean Marsden
TC's Man Den - Tim Cochrane - End of Garden
Tim Cochrane
Lols Bar - Lee Hastings  - Hidden at the bottom of garden
Lee Hastings
Man cave mark 2 - Andrew Unwin - Back garden
Andrew Unwin
No shed picture Yet
Matt dey
Sudomek - Drahos Jurny - Vineyard
Drahos Jurny

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National Shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol

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