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The Shed

It's gorgeous.

Stained in oak and sitting underneath a large willow tree in my garden in St Albans. 10' x 8', fully insulated, electric radiator for cold winter days; 2 x double windows (double glazed) plus velux and the door is half glazed as well.

Many birds and squirrels run across the roof through the day as I work which used to freak me out a bit but now I love it. Sound of birds singing is constant.

My dad helped me put a lovely bit of decking in front and the picnic table that my parents bought 30 years ago now sits on it. It is now called a "meeting table". Which always makes us smile. We have (so far) written one-and-a-half plays sat either there or inside The Shed. Pots of geraniums and Digitalis give shape and colour.

Inside: framed Hockney prints of the Yorkshire Dales, sophisticated production shot photos of all the company members, 10MB wireless broadband, polaroids from shows I have made, a cardboard necktie my 2 year old son made me at playschool for Father's Day, the watch my own father gave me "to look after", remote control dimmable low-voltage lighting, a really nice chair, Harman Kardon soundsticks and woofer that really make The Shed *rock*.

Every Friday at 5pm we have a "shed disco" for under 4's.

Sheds are great. I love sheds.

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