Susie2shoes Summerhouse Susie2shoes Summerhouse
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  • Susie2shoes Summerhouse
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  • Garden at Woodleigh, Ramsdell, Hampshire

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Susie2shoes Summerhouse

My summerhouse was a fabulous gift given to me by husband for my fortieth birthday and it's taken 10 years for me to decide what colour to paint the inside. I've painted the exterior in a traditional colour, brown! I would love to have the courage to paint it a really funky colour like lime green a bright blue, but as we are near a conservation area I don't think I would get away with it.

It has the potential to be a fantastic place as I already have electicity and broadband piped in. It catches the last rays of the sun, winter and summer, so it as huge potential.

I love all the sheds, chalets, summerhouses I've seen on this site, it's given me inspiration an ideas, thank you to all the fellow sheddies.

I really need help with how to keep my summerhouse warm, I dream of a wood burning stove, and as I am surrounded by wood and have enough to keep me going for years, it would seem like a good choice. Besides they look wonderful and they are zero carbon emitters I believe.

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