The Ghost Ship The Ghost Ship The Ghost Ship The Ghost Ship The Ghost Ship The Ghost Ship The Ghost Ship
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The Ghost Ship

This project was undertaken at the beginning of 2009 with a view to having somewhere to go for a night out, without having to walk very far and worrying about getting home afterwards.

Intended to be completed in time for Christmas and New Year (which it was) the pub serves a variety of home made beers and wines, as well as supermarket-bought bottles and cans and other pub snacks.

A warm and friendly environment has been created, with an aim towards an 'old world' 1800 navy ship style.

First of all the shed was stripped and cleaned, with added opening windows to the far side wall made from reusing old cabinet doors.

The shed was then rotated towards the neighbours wall some 30 degrees, and the front wall 'opened out', thus extending the shed and increasing useable floorspace.

The bar itself was made from recycles pallets, with the covering being of wrapped-around hardwood sheets; these same sheets were also used to line the interior of the walls, using the 2" x 2" studwork to form an effective cavity wall.

Seats were constructed from recycled pallets, hardboard and foam sections, covered with blue mink throws.

Carpet was cut from the leftovers of the holiday caravan bedroom carpet, and curtains were bought from a car boot sale. All glasses ans tankards were sourced from the local charity shops, and the pumps from eBay.

Tables hand made from hardboard strips and carpet tube mouldings, made to look like beer kegs and treasure chests.

All work was undertaken by myself with any and all available spare time, including evenings and weekends and occasionally into the early hours!

Year first entered 2010


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