Dad's Den Dad's Den
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Dad's Den

It was put up in a 10 force gale, By two big strapping men, Only for the roof to blow off, And need putting on again! It houses all the tools, All the things to make and do, As well as a haven for little people, And somewhere to rid them of poo, A small dry wooden sanctuary, Ideal for a nappy change, A play to house an assortment of toys, And to hide from the worst of our weather range, It sits on our allotment, Gloriously presiding, My husband dashes up there infrequently, I wonder what he's hiding!?*

A BIG thanks goes out to our mate Mike who helped my husband with his erection in the WORST possible of weathers ... and it did look to be a wonderful effort - until someone 'blew the bloody roof off!'

Year first entered 2010


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