The beer retreat The beer retreat The beer retreat The beer retreat
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The Beer Retreat

I built my shed around 5 years ago. As with many it started as a project to build something that would be a practical way to store excess stuff from the house.Little did i know it would develop into full blown shed love! Its got 240V into it, lights and there's a fridge as well. Shelved a section out a couple of weeks ago as an area to condition my bottled all grain beer. I took a fold down chair down there as soon as it was Spring. Felt like an old mannie but happy!

4 days to build and cost around οΎ£500 5 years ago.The pictures taken show the narrow end of the shed(4 foot). It flares out to about 6 foot at the hidden end. Shed 3 is currently developing in my head(shed 2 is too shy to show iteslf at the moment).

Year first entered 2010


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