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Well, it's not exactly "my" personal shed. Fred- the-Shed sits next to the Norwell Public Library and is used by the Friends of the Norwell Public Library to house gently used, donated media. The Friends sell books, CDs, DVDs, and other media to raise money for Library Programs.

The Friends fund museum passes, children's events such as puppets and folksingers, adult events such as Scrabble and talks on gardening, etc.

Fred-the-Shed was built by students at the Norwell Public High School and is run by volunteers. Our Shed is open from May to October and open as much as possible during the daylight hours the Library is open.

Fred-the-Shed is filled with shelves and wonderful books, tapes, and CDs. Lighting has been added. And the community has been very supportive in bringing media to the Shed and buying media from the Shed. It's a wonderful fundraiser addition to our Library.

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You can see this shed video here.

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