The Palletable Shed The Palletable Shed The Palletable Shed The Palletable Shed The Palletable Shed The Palletable Shed
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Robin Clarke
  • The Palletable Shed
  • Robin Clarke
  • Allotment, Derbyshire

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The Palletable Shed

Low cost- everything donated/found apart from roofing felt and truck exhaust for chimney (and of course nails screws etc.) Upvc door donated and double glazed unit free after pestering a local double glazing firm mercilessly (payback!!!)

Photos show main stages of construction - should you ever want to undertake such a satisfying project! Didn't really bother with plans or designs - just made it up as I went along/bits came avaliable.Very helpful if you can get pallets same sizes! And now a great place to sit and contemplate!

The battered looking gas bottle is actually my homemade wood burner - hence the truck exhaust chimney - It burns really well and keeps the shed vey cosy. You can't see so clearly on the photo's but the shed is obviously made from pallets, then covered in a layer of roofing felt and finally a covering of planks from disassembled pallets. Very strong and water tight.

Year first entered 2012

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