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The Love Shack

It is where I paint, write poetry,relax,drink coffee, listen and watch the birds. My retreat is where I can feel happy, sad or creative. I actually like it better than my house, I love being in the garden, so it is perfect come rain, hail or snow. I have a heater, a fridge, a radio. Too small for bunk beds though. I would recommend everyone to get a shed, whatever size, you can still customize it and put your personality into it. It was built with love hence the name.

My shed was built by a builder to replace a very old battered shed, he suggested putting my husband's shed on the side and I have my own. It was amazing because he fitted it into the space that was already there, not taking anything off the garden. Then he put a little deck around it, so I can put my rocking chair outside, even pod peas! I would describe my shed as country style, it has red gingham covers on the chairs and table, plus quite a few paintings. We also have dinner parties in it, but it only fits six, so very cosy. Little fairy lights sparkle inside. My friends love it and we have started a trend here and everyone is getting one.

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