s The Stratford Ski Lodge, Unexpected from STRATFORD ON AVON owned by Stewart Hodges #shedoftheyear
The Stratford Ski Lodge The Stratford Ski Lodge The Stratford Ski Lodge The Stratford Ski Lodge The Stratford Ski Lodge
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  • The Stratford Ski Lodge
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The Stratford Ski Lodge

We decided to make use of a derelict corner of our garden by building a new potting shed. Recently retired i decided to build it myself. Bought a book on 'how to build a shed' from Amazon (turned out to be instructions on building a ski chalet in Canada complete with snow weight bearing data for the roof) however it still provided the basics which enabled me to build the shed. Never built anything like it before and have to say i am surprised at how well it has turned out.

12x10 with frame constructed from 4x2 pressure treated wood. Shiplap for the sides and doors etc and all painted in green.Extra large windows for more light and dutch barn doors to lean on with a mug of tea. Attached a bit of a canopy for a seated area with clematis now growing up the verticles.Snow bearing weight calculated and adhered to!!!

Year first entered 2012

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