the doghouse the doghouse the doghouse the doghouse
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The Doghouse

More than £500

the doghouse is constantly changing so probably will never be finished it has been built on the site of an old dog run (land that was totaly unuseable) when I found it it was in a barn in 1million (seems)pieces so I bargained for it (still owe for it) I needed somwhere to work from restoring the rest of the property so a thirty foot shed fitted (not very well) into the plot. reviewed the planning laws and started building long story short painted it with black oak wood preserve put a dog pen on the side and am busy repairing the roof after the recent storms.

having a huge south facing sloped roof the idea is to make a large solar heating and electric system on it and I have alredy stated building a wind turbine to give me some of the power needed to run it.

Year first entered 2013

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