New Forest Folly New Forest Folly New Forest Folly New Forest Folly New Forest Folly New Forest Folly
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New Forest Folly

£250 to £499

Just finished my new shed, I'm not a builder its all total DIY and my Folly is overlooked by my home made jester finial.

I finished it off this weekend so the inside is ongoing but it has its own consumer unit, and 4 port ethernet, fully online.

My mum if letting me have two sets of ex bank office draws that belonged to my late uncle, these will fit under the workbench.

This shed replaced my old wooden one that was on its last legs!

I recycled the timber and window from my home extension which was completed 2 years ago, bought the door on ebay for οΎ£19 and was given the roof tiles.

The bench is made from 15 bits of CLS glued and screwed together.

It has a single skin of commons with damp proof course and suspended timber floor & fitted carpet.

The workbench has two zones, half home office and half workbench.

The storage (tool and office) is behind the floor to ceiling door, they a 2 feet deep and take the lawnmower & chop saw under the lowest shelf.

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