The stagger inn The stagger inn The stagger inn
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The Stagger Inn

More than £500

The stagger inn has been a labour of love for over 4 years, from its original outlay on a beer mat one drunken night in 2008 to its completion December 2012, she's a 16x8 garden shed with a height increase of 6in, fully insulated and boarded out with a wall mounted heater, we have a fully working bar with 2 flash coolers, 2 hand pulled pumps with hunts scene, and various illuminated old school fonts on the bar, the stagger inn features a beautiful hand made bar, Axminster carpet, 42in plasma, sky sports, original pub jukebox, fruit machine, wifi, sweet machine, it's as traditional as a pub as I can possibly get it!! Please enjoy!

Inspired by the legendary mr Gary Logan at the 3 steps and mr Jamie Pearce and the 3 lions, I bring you the stagger inn! A replica of all the pubs I ran when in the Business! Please leave feed back! Cheers Stefan

Year first entered 2013


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