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The Cabin by the Moat The Cabin by the Moat The Cabin by the Moat The Cabin by the Moat The Cabin by the Moat The Cabin by the Moat The Cabin by the Moat
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  • The Cabin By The Moat
  • Callum Syrett
  • At the bottom of my garden by a natural moat. - Buckinghamshire

Category: | Cabin/Summerhouse

The Cabin By The Moat

£101 to £149

The shed is built in a natural area at the end of my garden and blends in with the environment around it. The shed is made predominantly of reclaimed wood (from pallets and an old shed). One side of the shed is made up of two clear blinds, these can be raised in summer months to further connect the shed with the environment. It also has a clear plastic roof to let natural light in and provide a view of the tree branches above. The outside of the shed is covered in fallen branches in order to make it blend in with the environment as well as using a reclaimed door which stands out against the rest of the shed and hints to what may be inside the cabin/shed.

I built the shed over my last summer holiday, before going to university, when I was eighteen years old. I designed and made it on my own with some help from family members. The shed is nestled into the bottom of the garden next to a natural moat. In order to get to the shed you have to cross a small bridge that I also built (when I was 17).

Year first entered 2015

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