Inshriach Distillery Inshriach Distillery Inshriach Distillery Inshriach Distillery Inshriach Distillery Inshriach Distillery
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Inshriach Distillery

More than £500

Two years ago this was a dilapidated hen house and an assorted pile of old junk. Now, after some very sporadic work it has become the Inshriach Farm shop, Ladies waiting room, Saloon Bar and Distillery. The General stores is a shop selling items we have carved or whittled on the farm and eggs and produce from the gardens. The ladies waiting room is a cheeky recycled velour upholstered piano bar and the saloon is a dirty wild west gin joint. In an unexpected twist to the shed tale, word got out that the bar was coming together and that we had juniper growing on the farm and before we knew it the shed became home to its very own gin distillery, complete with a lovely hand hammered set of stills from Portugal and its own all Scottish gin brand, Crossbill.

The chickens now live in a turret built from the discarded remains of the smallest and highest railway station in the British Isles and their old house has become the scene of some very surprising parties

The roof was all rusty sheets and woodworm in the joists so the rafters and onduline roofing are new (a job carried out in a miserable blizzard). The oak parquet floor (complete with a million nails sticking out of it) was salvaged for free from a bar in Aviemore, the insulation underneath it is made up out of breakthroughs from from a childrens TV show, the glass doors are from the tip, so are the patio doors. The bar front and the cupboards in the bar were kicking around from other projects or pinched from round the farm, the sash windows are from a house in Edinburgh, the crittal window in the distillery was dropped off by our mortgage advisor when he came round for a meeting. The doors and the furniture are either made for the purpose or they are all tip finds, as is the piano (it has been tuned but need another go). All the new looking timber is actually scrap or seconds from a sawmill. We spent some money on a roll of wire to put wiring and plug sockets through the shed. .

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