The Glass House The Glass House The Glass House The Glass House The Glass House The Glass House The Glass House
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The Glass House

More than £1000

It's a space to create and work away from the house. It's an all weather shed that allows me to work year round.
I've waited 4 years for this space and it started with a pond pump failure at the other side of the house that motivated my husband to re landscape the whole garden. The area that the shed sits on, had to be levelled and needed seveal tonnes of stone and concrete. It was not a small undertaking and end result is an amazing space to create my silver and glass work.
The shed itself was a log cabin that was supplied flat pack and took a couple of day to put together, including painting it. We are constantly tweaking it, with more shelving, lighting and organising.
Having a busy, busy job, this space allows me to switch off completely and my mind is completely focuses on creating!

Year first entered 2016

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