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My shed is my domain. It's a place where I can go and shut the door and be in my own world.
It's a place that is full of inspiration and is my hub for creativity; where I can be at one with my surroundings and to take in all that the environment and atmosphere sends to me.
I view myself as a sponge and I love nature
When I built my shed I approached it in the same way I do my art, it was an un-going project, the structure of which changed as I was inspired with different ideas.
My shed is special as it's a sanctuary. I built my shed in such a way that it surrounds the trees in back garden, the trees are always in my view because they inspire me

My shed was mainly built from waste materials that I got from skips, building sites and also left-overs from my old shed.
As far as I'm concerned the shed itself is a work of art.

Year first entered 2016

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