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The Shire Pod The Shire Pod The Shire Pod The Shire Pod The Shire Pod The Shire Pod The Shire Pod The Shire Pod
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The Shire Pod

More than £1000

My shed is a hobbit style house which I take to shows connected with my business. The little hut company. It is set up with a full size double bed with underbed storage and a kitchen made from reclaimed timber with a sink from a old boat. It is all run from a solar panel on the roof. Full electrics 12v and 240v from a power invertor. It also has a hobbit hole for the dog to sleep at night. The outside has a artificial grass roof and cedar cladding. The door is round as are the windows and the door unusually like in the film opens from a centre door know knob from the outside. This mobile pod has a slide out steel deck which decking boards are placed with steps up to the platform. It also has a chainsaw carved squirrel and owl on the structure to add interest.

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Year first entered 2016

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