Colin Furze Mad Creation shed Colin Furze Mad Creation shed Colin Furze Mad Creation shed
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Colin Furze Mad Creation Shed

More than £1000

The shed from the outside looks like a normal "well made " garden shed but its what is made inside and what it has become which makes it so special, it is the home of the colinfurze Youtube channel and the birthplace to some of the worlds wackiest creations. The worlds fastest mobility scooter, Jet bicycles, flying machines, various machines for making tea and gadgets that make superpowers real just to name a few. The things that have happened in this shed like walking upside-down across its ceiling with magnetic boots have been seen a whopping 250million times and just under 3million people have subscribed to be informed on what is made next. Each part of the shed has a story with every mark scratch and scribble relating to a moment of success or failure of whatever was being created at the time, many times have TV crews been inside and are spoilt for things to film and ask about, it just oozes character. But the one thing that has been a welcome surprise to everything that i've done between these wooden walls has been to inspire and engage all ages of people to build and create stuff themselves, people have made the stuff i've build, its helped a few people through bad times and given some the kick to follow a certain direction in life. Now i don't think thats bad for just normal shed just outside the back door.

It's 3.5m x 5.5m, is fully insulated and has 3 layers of old carpet (no one likes cold feet in the winter) i built it myself and it seems i based the dimensions on my height as people above 6 foot tall that visit find themselves banging there heads on the pulse jet engines wedged in the ceiling. I remember the first thing i made in it (flamethrower moped which i got arrested for lol but they let me go by the way) it was like building something in the lounge as everything was clean with fresh paint and the carpet was yet to get weld splatter on it. Nearly blown myself up in it a few times so i think i've bonded with it on a physical and mental level.

Year first entered 2016

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