Maisie and Isla's Shed (Strictly not a Wendy House
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  • Maisie And Isla's Shed (Strictly Not A Wendy House
  • James Barry
  • Our back yard - West Sussex

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Maisie And Isla's Shed (Strictly Not A Wendy House

Less than £100

All timber was scrap from my work (B & Q). The only cost was the glue/varnish/screws/hinges. The design was determined by the scrap and my 5 year old daughters ideas including the window box that was compulsory. What makes it special is it gets the kids out of the house! Very proud of the solid oak door (old flooring display). Have plans to make window self watering.

The idea was as many surfaces as possible are curved. The different varnish stains on the roof tiles give it a real 'Hansel and Gretel' feel. The roof was done like that because I can only get small scraps of the 6mm ply.

Year first entered 2017

You can see this shed video here.


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