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The Off Cut Shed

  • Sheddie:

    Mark Humphrys
  • Location:

    The corner of the back garden - Norfolk
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    More than £1000


This shed is made almost entirely from off-cuts, either cord wood for the main wall, or small sections from the off-cuts from the manufacture of roofing trusses. It also has off-cuts of stained glass, small bits of perspex and a broken micro-wave plate for windows. The shed has two purposes: one to store my sea kayak, and secondly it will be a workshop where I can do carpentry etc.

Other info

The approx dimensions are 22ft long the front, roughly 10 ft wide and 9ft high at the front dropping to 7 ft at the back. The logs for the front of the shed came from a kindly neighbour who had a lot of trees cut down. They cost a box of chocolates to say "Thank you". The mortar that holds the cord wood in place is made up from the sand, clay, chalk, gravel and soil that I dug out when I sunk a 14 ft well in the garden. This was mixed with cement. The wood off-cuts for the rest of the shed comes from a roofing manufacturer. They put all the off-cuts out in bins for firewood for donations to the local children's hospice. I would load up the back of the car with the off-cuts. All-in-all I've probably spent about οΎ£100 on donations for the wood. The things that I could not find suitable salvage for was roofing panels and the roof trusses themselves, so these I had to buy from the timber merchants. The floor is a concrete one. The other big expense is screws and glue to stick all the off-cuts together, silicon sealant to seal up as many of the gaps as possible, and wood preserver to protect the wood as much as possible. Total cost is just over a thousand pounds. I've only just finished the actual shed, I still have to work on getting the inside set up with work benches, tool cabinets etc

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