Crismo Cottage Crismo Cottage Crismo Cottage Crismo Cottage Crismo Cottage Crismo Cottage
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Crismo Cottage

More than £1000

This is my wooden wartime hut named Crismo Cottage. It is situated along the Orkney coastline with stunning sea, island & Loch views in one of the windiest locations . I am a glass artist & live here with my 13 year old son. The cottage was derelict when I moved here just a few months ago. I sold my house in England & travelled here with my caravan 20th December 2016. I worked to make the cottage habitable and moved in by the end of January (with the help of a joiner & plumber). I have restored, renovated & revamped most of the cottage by myself using scraps I have found lying around & 3 pots of paint I brought with me. I like to mix the old with the new to create this look. I also hired a mini digger & dug the driveway myself. It is a truly unique, beautiful & cozy cottage.

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