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The Hh&wlr Signal Box -Puss Cats Junction

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I made this little summerhouse myself from materials sourced from local DIY stores.

It is not a kit or prefabricated.

I just bought lengths of various standard sized 'off the shelf' wood and cut, drilled and 'routed' to designs (in my mind), as I went along.

It is designed to look like a country branch line railway signal box to fit in with my little garden railway - the Haddocks Hill & Worsham Light Railway (HH&WLR).

But, open up and inside it is a little summer house for my wife who said that she would like a pretty little summer house. This year is our 20th wedding anniversary and this is a kind of anniversary gift. We decided that a small summer house (4x6) was all that would fit into our little garden.

As I couldn't find any pretty little summer houses (they all seem to be larger than 7x5 and that seems to be getting too big for out garden - we wanted to try and preserve the natural feel and the borders and some grass!) I decided to try and make it myself, bit by bit - over 8 months.

I decided to make it look externally like a signal box with little signals for my garden railway. That way it would fit in' with the railway theme of the garden. My thinking was that Signal boxes have lots of windows and are quite bright and airy, but are really pretty and whimsical places. So, a Signal box style would make a bright and pretty little whimsical summer house.

The signals are 'recycled' - made from galvanised electric trunking plates that I retrieved from a skip. They do work!!

Result - nice little summerhouse to relax in with a nice glass of something whilst running the trains.

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