Deborah's Dacha Deborah's Dacha Deborah's Dacha Deborah's Dacha
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Deborah's Dacha

£250 to £499

My shed is great for soirï¿©es and get togethers with friends. There's is room for 7 to 8 people.
I wanted a space that was more of a 'Winter House' rather than a 'Summer House' and it's always Christmas at 'Deborah's Dacha'. It's a warm cosy space on 2 levels and the perfect space to relax and work on Textile craft projects which is my hobby.

My shed is inspired by Russian culture. Since visiting Moscow on a school trip in the 1970's, I have been fascinated by the Art, Music, Literature, History and Folk Tales of the country, and so I have tried to re create a space which reflects not just the style of Russian culture but a period from the past. I have also created the interior so that it seems there is no electricity (although there is)
It is a double glazed building in my garden that was derelict for years.
I have kept the cost of decorating and styling my shed to a minimum, by finding things in charity shops, recycling things and making things myself

Year first entered 2019

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