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The Eco-Bastu was conceptualised after a long walk in a Swedish forest... How hard could it be for a girl with little to no carpentry experience to build a sauna (bastu) out of second hand materials for as little money as possible? It took a few months of dreaming and planning before the design was finalised. With a little inspiration from modern Swedish cabin design and four ex-patio door double glazing units found online for free!!! Work began in July 2017.

Wherever possible the materials used in this build were second hand, sometimes used, sometimes not, but all heading for the bin if not reused. Upcycling, recycling and repurposing because there is far too much waste in this world. The stove used in the sauna is a repurposed wood burning stove that was rusting in the corner of a garden. Redesigned with a few additions it makes an excellent sauna stove at a fraction of the cost.

Perhaps most uniquly, every millimetre of the sauna has been designed, measured, cut and fixed by female hands only. Mostly mine, but when things were too heavy to manoeuvre on my own, female friends were more than happy to help out.

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The sauna is located in a forest next to a picturesque steam, which is used as a plunge pool when things get a little too hot!

Due to be completed 25th March 2018

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