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The Enchanted Shed

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the shed was falling down when I bought the house here in Beaufort NC. Beaufort is an Island connected by intercoastal waterway bridges right on the coast. I call it Mayberry on the water. Anyway back to the shed. still more work to be done. but having fun. all new tin roof....walls are fully insulated with R19 with vapor barrier, the CDN way!! it's also air conditioned year round to keep the salt air out. (we are 4 houses away from the ocean) the air- con protects my Harley! I plan to expand it a second time and add another 14 by 14 room with workout gym and bathroom. to some people its seems silly, but we love the "enchanted shed!!! We have no basements here. So this is our rec room! I will be planting some more palm trees and doing some landscaping. our lot is 100x250...... after living on a boat full time from 1988 to 2004..I'm a real rookie at gardening but willing to learn. the dog pen in the front is just temporary and will be changed to a little covered patio with some decking."

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