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Big Woody, A Bit Of Everything All In One Box.

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Any ideas to make it something well not quite the norm would be great, let me put a bit of everyone's ideas in to Big woody....cheers. The handy andy multiplex, Twin room set up, front room is a workshop/tool store/bike workshop for tinkering with things, like we do in our sheds. With lights and twin sockets all round including heating for the winter months. Work bench and vice. Also has radio, phone, TV ,& free view, pc & now internet which all have interchangeable speakers built in the shed wall's so can switch from front room to back room & outside. And every shed needs a tool board this ones no exception. All you need to well tinker!!! The back room is chill out/computer/internet/work/bar/get away from wife/guys room. A man's best friend is not his dog if you have a shed like this. Shed is timber construction(Reinforced of course),double door's at front. All external screw's are anti theft,and all ten window's are limo tinted. Has two alarm systems one is off the shelf, but the other I made myself. Internal door to computer room has a fourteen digit combination lock with over 5000 combination's. The shed it double insulated with ALU- foil bubble roll on floor walls & roof, and wall's are covered in 1/2 inch plaster board. Yes the only word to describe this shed is, its the dog's you no what....more photos will follow... watch this space...... still have some work to do.

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It's the little things that make big woody not the norm. Hi speed internet lets me e-mail or surf from my shed or update my readers sheds profile, like I am doing the now with a nice cold beer. By flicking a switch can transfer the sound from the TV pc or radio from front to back rooms or out side for the summer BBQ's. Have made a small extractor in the roof to air the back room, also have a small one meter square tool board that's flush and built into the wall. Bar was made in a day from this & that. Also shed has tiles at main door then floor carpet in front room, in back room has under foil with thick cream carpet really makes the space seem bigger, wife has to get the dyson out to it once every two weeks. The workshop side is used for fixing that toy the kids love but broke or sharpening the lawn mower or fixing the bike ready for a cycle up the hills.

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