Outside Main Shop & tool/wood store of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne Inside (needs updating)! of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne Still Life (woodwork style) of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne Pouring the slab extension of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne The current interior. hmmmmm of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne The old shed is no more of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne New framing in place of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne Interior roof detail of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne Looks like a shed once again! of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne The rain arrived, but the shed is in place (sans a door!) of shed - Stu's Shed, Melbourne
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Stu's Shed

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    Shed Features


    This is still very much a workinprogress but thought Id give a bit of a progress report on the shed upgrade that Im currently doing

    The original shed was 6m x 3m and with all the woodworking tools etc it was getting very cramped In some videos which I shoot for my blogpodcast I literally had to move sideways between tools etc just to complete a shot not enjoyable for me and really wasnt an sustainable situation

    So Ive torn the whole thing down to the concrete slab poured extra concrete around and rebuilt still nothing particularly huge but 8m x 4m is significant for me

    lus about 300mm extra head room and that is significant seeing as I kept having to duck refab sheds cost way too much and a nice timber shed would be just way too costly as much as Id love one So I went scavenging around the demolition yards and bought about 100m of wallroof tin galvanised iron that used to be factories etc and a stack of treated 2x4 pine 100mm x 50mm and started rebuilding The tin from the original shed was reused to clad 3 of the walls

    Of course I have way too many tools to rehouse so I had to tear down the original shed and rebuild around them Tricky

    It still isnt finished need some more guttering some power and lighting a new door I havent gotten there yet and a LOT of cleaning up and some functional dust extraction But it is coming together and its sure looking the part

    Below is the original description most still is true with a few obvious now dated descriptions However Im sure a lot of it will quickly describe the shed accurately again as the sawdust reaccumulates

    Stus Shed is just that a humble 6m x 3m tin shed on a suburban block in Melbourne It may not be much but it is mine As I see it the shed is a tool just like any other contained therein and I do what I can with the tools that I have

    It is primarily a woodworking workshop packed to the gills with possibilities and sawdust As I have put it in the past

    The state of my shed has been bothering me for quite some time now Im sure it is no different to many other sheds although probably a lot more crowded given its intended purpose and it is simply obeying the laws of entropy I do intend to give it a huge cleanup but somewhere buried in the shavings is the time that I need to do it lost in the detritus of years of shed neglect

    The shed is also the physical extension of the virtual shed StusShed I also have a podcast video on all things woodworking techniques tips product reviews new tools etc through iTunes which is linked to the Stus Shed blog

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