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Green Gables

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    Verity Worthington
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    The bottom of the Orchard, Kidderminster - Worcester
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Green Gables frequently saves my sanity.

GG is my beloved writing shed, where masterpieces will hopefully be written. Hidden away at the bottom of my parents' orchard, it provides the perfect escape; a haven of solitude. I've been working away in GG since I was 15 [I'm now 26] when I reclaimed it from cobwebs and lawn- mowers. I named it Green Gables after Anne, my favourite childhood book! Structurally GG is your typical, ancient garden-shed complete with horseshoe. My parents' had it at their first house 30years ago. When I began converting it into my writing den, I painted the outside, got my father to help with the floor ... and began designing the interior. I have a desk, a mini- chest-of- drawers, a stool [for guests], plenty of shelves for my books, a radio, lots of candles ... and Virginia Woolf to inspire me!

I like the clean, cream look of the inside, and it is the perfect spot for me to write. I look out across the orchard, and my pet labrador sometimes sits at my feet as I type! I am always eager to get "home" to Green Gables ...

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News from the shed

Sir: I was delighted to see that the shed phenomenon is spreading (Property, 14 May). My writing shed, hidden at the bottom of my parents' orchard, was not so much an escape from the credit crunch as from the world outside the garden. Mine remains without electricity. The winters are spent with blankets and candles, the summer with bikinis and pina- coladas.

Verity Worthington

Kidderminster, Worcestershire

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